GravityFit TPro (Yellow)
  • GravityFit TPro (Yellow)


    Stronger, Longer, Sweeter


    This revolutionary exercise tool and training aid will:

    • Strengthen your deep muscle system
    • Improve your posture
    • Promote an athletic set up
    • Help teach you how to rotate effectively
    • Deliver immediate feedback on quality of movement


    Leading to:

    • Cleaner contact
    • Better directional control
    • Increased distance
    • More consistency
    • Less strain on your back
    • Fewer aches, pains and injuries



    Providing less resistance than the traditional Green bands, the TPro with yellow bands is great for hitting shots, people beginning an exercise program or anyone recovering from shoulder injury.


    The TPro provides applies axial compression (or weight-bearing load) to the arms which helps to strengthen the wrist, elbow and shoulder while stabilising the shoulder blade. Combined with the constant posture and movement feedback from the BackBow, using the TPro for golf drills, exercises and hitting shots helps to train and strengthen the Thoracic Core to stabilise and hold your spine in position for better rotation, more power and more consistency.


    The TPro is being used on a daily basis by dozens of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professionals including; Cameron Smith, Jonas Blixt, Lydia Ko, Tommy Fleetwood, Harris English, Belen Mozo and Alena Sharp amongst others. The high performance programs in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong along with US colleges and many other professional and amateur players also use it to regularly train their best golf posture and movement patterns. You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only for elite players though; the beauty of this equipment is the intuitive simplicity of its application.


    Product Features:

    Yellow theraband resistance bands
    Patented BackBow
    Stacker blocks
    Large collection of instructional videos
    Instructional brochure



    The theraband clips in & out of the back bow. Green bands (heavier strength) can be purchased separately and clipped in for those who wanting to use the TPro for fundamental movement skills development without a golf club.