Impact Recorder
  • Impact Recorder



    The impact recorder pack contains 25 special adhesive stickers that stick your clubface, and show exactly where your ball made contact. Knowing where the ball makes contact on the clubface gives you valuable feedback, which gives you the power to make smarter decisions on what you focus on your next swing. Put simply, your practice sessions are more efficient, accurate & enjoyable.


    Features & benefits

    • Suitable for adults & children
    • 2 different sizes (15 for driver/fairway metal, 10 for irons)
    • Provides feedback that qualifies if your swing ‘perception’ matches the ‘reality’ of what happened
    • Simple carry case that can pop into your pocket/golf bag


    Coaches Tip

    This is a no brainer. Work smart, then hard – always in that order. This will accelerate your golf progression, and make coming golf lessons more enjoyable – who wants to pay for a lesson working on the same stuff as last time!?