A Club Fitting is a __ minute one-to-one session where ____. At this session you will find out what specifications, club mixes and designs best suit your physical state and your performance needs. As all brands use different models and technology, it is important to match your individual needs with the appropriate equipment. Correctly fitted clubs will help

ensure every golf lesson and practice sessions gives you the best chance of success.


Matching your individual needs with optimum clubs are essential. Poorly fitted golf equipment will increase your risk of inquiry, slow down your rate of progress, and can be counterproductive in golf lessons. Additionally, buying a full set of golf clubs is not always necessary, and one of our club fitting sessions will help you identify what specific equipment you require. You can trust that we have your best interests at heart and only want you to purchase golf equipment that is necessary and which will give you the best chance of success.


Prior to your golf fitting session you will complete a quick online questionnaire defining your golfing and equipment needs. At the session we will begin with some exercises and observations to collect data. This will also us to define


What will happen?

  • Defining needed specifications & club volume that aligns with steps 1 & 2 above

  • Summary discussion/presentation of what & why the above has been recommended

  • Brand/model recommendations presented along with quotation from Takapuna 

  • All written down & sent to you in a special PDF summary report




What’s in your Coaches Inc. club fitting report

Your Coaches Inc. Club Fitting Report will include:


  • Equipment options available to you & where/why you would consider using it

  • Specification variations in golf clubs, and how they effect your results & golf swing

  • Details of the observations & data collected through the session

  • Equipment recommendations that align with your goals & data collected.

  • Brand/model recommendations with website links for further researching.

  • A financial quote from the Takapuna Retail Golf Shop (if wanted)

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